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newgrounds the airship ART 7. Infiltrating the airship is a funny sequel to breaking the bank and escaping the prison puzzle games. Avaiable for 3d printing only. Relaxing adventure under the full Moon Skill - Collect Newgrounds Rumble. Friday Night Funkin' Logic. Doom-themed tower defense game from game jam. 64 Bits - Super Sus Bros (Custom Smash Bros + Among Us Kill Animations) . Level: 8 Exp Points: 560 / 710 Exp Rank: 102,846 Vote Power: 4. I was locked away in a dungeon and now I'm back playing Among Us with the Fam! ;)Thumbs up for the Airship & Our New Book 📚 FGTeeV Saves the World In Stores Henry's skills are put to use on the Toppat Clan and their airship. Henry's out of prison, but Apr 30, 2021 · Newgrounds. FAVES 61. Ritz on a Roll. On December 11, 2020, Marcus Bromander stated on his Twitter account that he posted the trailer's official theme for download on Newgrounds. MOVIES 2. Meme. Jan 09, 2021 · Level: 3 Exp Points: 57 / 100 Exp Rank: 520,254 Vote Power: 2. Throw random objects into the servers. 63 votes A new and dangerous enemy threatens the Mushroom Kingdom. Infiltrating the Airship Medals Earned: 5/19 (185/645 points) You Win! 10 Points The Henry Stickmin series is a choose-your-own-adventure style flash video game series by PuffballsUnited. Help the popular stickman Henry one more time. REVIEWS 2. ART 229. Latest Playlists. Login / Sign Up. 27 votes 11 comments. ART 4. Grandpa's Minigun. Adventure - Other Infiltrating the Airship. The Henry Stickmin Collection contains: -Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, and Fleeing the Complex with remastered backgrounds and audio. Male. After being featured in Different animations and games, I was finally able to get one of my tracks featured in a game on Steam! :O. Five Nights at Freddy's Logic. Vote. Considering The Airship’s size, we hope this will be a fun way to gather with even more of your friends. Henry's skills are put to use on the Toppat Clan and their airship. 37 votes The Airship, often shortened as Airship, is the fourth map in Among Us, based on the Toppat Clan's Airship in the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship. PatchToons. Jul 14, 2021 · Level: 3 Exp Points: 88 / 100 Exp Rank: 398,501 Vote Power: 3. REVIEWS 14. 86 votes i9incher — August 7th, 2020. View Profile JustinRichardEX FANS 12. FAVES 74. Monitor Maze. Little dev notes: 1. Return to the graveyard to battle Tom Fulp's beard with Castle Crashers! Newgrounds. Goth kids have invaded your school and it's up to Pico to save the day! Adventure - Point 'n Click. September 8, 2021. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud. GAMES 1. When you spawn in you might die in the void- THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE MAP IS BROKEN!! You'll be teleported to the lobby shortly. Simulation - Job. All Legacy games were also ported to mobile platforms, but currently all but Infiltrating the Airship have been taken down. Toppat airship unfinished 3d printing only. 66 votes Infiltrating the Airship. Doom: Tower Defense. A game made for Ludum Dare #23 48-hour compo Fleeing the Complex. Very Spooky Adventure. the theme is really wellboth the remaster and the old one, this version. REVIEWS 41. A short Henry Stickmin fangame. 99 votes Apr 05, 2020 · Newgrounds. Newgrounds rules. Chainsaw the Children guy's son goes on a rampage!! Fighting - Brawler. Newgrounds. Continue as Henry Stickmin as he works for the government. Can you find the best way to invade the zeppelin? Much fun. Henry's out of prison, but Jun 08, 2021 · Infiltrating the Airship. Joined on 10/20/20. Poor Luigi, the least sus of them all. Help Mia save Fernando,her husband kidnapped by a dark elf witch called Morganna. Level: 5 Exp Points: 197 / 280 Exp Rank: 241,073 Vote Power: 4. ️ Our unblocked games are always free on google site. Dad 'n Me. BOYFRIEND vs. Joined on 4/21/21. Infiltrating the Airship es una entretenida secuela de los rompecabezas Breaking the Bank y Escaping The Prison. newgrounds. Meaty Boner. FAVES 25. Tankmas ADVENTure 2020. Ritz Fangame | Run & Gun Platform Boss Rush. Discs that Wilson can use to solve the chaos have TDK logo on them, same as the logo of the real life Japanese electronics corporation. Joined on 11/25/19. Platformer - Hop and Bop. Henry's out of prison, but it Newgrounds. My name is Jontheteen and im a artist. Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Dec 11, 2020 · The Airship Arrives - Among Us. ¡Diviértete! Was playing Infiltrating the Airship On Newgrounds when an Idea popped into my head. Votos: 1923 - Rating: 4. FAVES 27. Henry stickmin airship 3d model . Oct 04, 2021 · Henry stickmin airship 3d model . Apr 14, 2020 · Level: 3 Exp Points: 81 / 100 Exp Rank: 406,409 Vote Power: 3. View Profile Pencilmiss18 FANS 4. May 01, 2021 · Dash-Flash-fast — May 1st, 2021. ART 16. FAVES 30. Blast FBI agents in this Metal Slug style shooter! Shooter - Run 'n Gun. Pico Snail! : Dream Castle. View Profile Sparkler53 FANS 2. Neither he is able to smuggle himself into a criminal gang above the clouds or he will be put in cuffs again. Nov 11, 2020 · Level: 4 Exp Points: 172 / 180 Exp Rank: 260,121 Vote Power: 4. ART 22. Tom Fulp rules. Help the popular stickman henry one more time. Latest Favorite Audio Infiltrating the Airship came out 7 years ago today! To celebrate here's what the intro looks like in the remastered version of the game!Wishlist the game no Newgrounds. ART 61. Breaking the Bank - Devolved (PARODY) Nobody leaves The Wall. Deviantart Infiltrating the Airship. I want to thank PuffBalls United for featuring my song Psychosis in the original Infiltrating the Airship game, and then once again deciding to keep the song for the HD Remake! Aug 14, 2021 · Newgrounds SIM v 1. View Profile LeafyCheese11 FANS 15. I was still shooting for an August release but that's not gonna happen either, if I'm Infiltrating the Airship. FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN'. rexytuu. Sunnyside vs. @Jontheteen. Henry stickmin airship 3d model. A Boner is much more powerful, when it's nice and MEATY! Platformer - Other. Henry's been captured by the government and can wipe away his debt by doing them a favor. Madness Hydraulic. Move monitors to change the layout of the maze! Skill - Collect. Level: 14 Exp Points: 2,106 / 2,180 Exp Rank: 23,939 Vote Power: 5. Level: 2. AUDIO 2. Good sound like the best villian theme. So it could be on the homepage, on my account, and if you search It’s Pico Day! See you next time! Explosions! Infiltrating the Airship. Shooter - Multidirectional. Cool play Newgrounds Rumble unblocked games 66 at school⭐ We have added only the best 66 unblocked games easy for school to the site. Nobody leaves The Wall. Hey all! I'm Patch, the creator of PatchToons! I make animations and stuff so be sure to give me a follow if you like my work. 14 votes Newgrounds. Z (Episode 2) It's Smash Bros but in the style of Among Us. Undertale Logic. The Airship had several modifications in comparison with the previous maps: MedBay has been replaced with Medical on The Airship, similar to how Greenhouse replaces O2 on MIRA HQ. 78 votes Open a new gift every day in this spirited Newgrounds Advent Calendar! Adventure - Other. NEWS 6. . Added with the new map were multiple Henry Stickmin-related cosmetics and The Airship skin bundle. Aug 14, 2021 · Level: 10 Exp Points: 927 / 1,110 Exp Rank: 61,944 Vote Power: 5. Stomp some ass in this high-intensity brawler themed after Newgrounds Fighting - VS Newgrounds Rumble. 225 3d airship models available for download. Henry's out of prison, but it doesn't seem like he learned his lesson. FAVES 31. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December 2020. NEWS 1. Friday Night Funkin' vs Henry the Stickman is back with a new mod that is packed with challenges and all sorts of adventures, thrills and new music themes. REVIEWS 34. Latest Favorite Games More. Infiltrating the Airship. Ann demo version. ART 6. Infíltrate en el avión gigante del enemigo y vive una aventura en la que muy probablemente mueras unas cuantas veces. Developing a Game Btw Infiltrating the Airship Newgrounds. ART 12. Male Belgium. MISLED ZEPPELIN (i can't stop) Infiltrating the Airship on Newgrounds Henry Ever wondered what would happen to a among us impostor if you dropped them on spinning blades of the new airship map?My AMONG US IMPOSTOR vs AIRSHIP ROTOR m Newgrounds. I mostly have draw stick figure characters and I am currently working on a story with other artists and im also a big fan of old video games to and that's pretty much it. Help him escape from prison. POSTS 2. Roblox Logic. Intenta escoger siempre la acción adecuada para poder adelantar en la Newgrounds. Madness Accelerant. Pico's School: Love Conquers All. May 28, 2021 · Stomp some ass in this high-intensity brawler themed after Newgrounds Fighting - VS Newgrounds Rumble. 57 votes Level: 4 Exp Points: 134 / 180 Exp Rank: 303,683 Vote Power: 3. Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! May 27, 2013 · Th3greatPaPyRus. August 14, 2021. MOVIES 1. Madness Roulette. A guy tries to cross a small gap. 39 votes Shooter - Run 'n Gun. Adventure Gamers have not yet published a review of Infiltrating the Airship, at this time the community has not provided a rating for Infiltrating the Airship. » Suitable For All Audiences. ART 62. Breaking into a bank is harder than you would've thought. 19 votes Level: 3 Exp Points: 90 / 100 Exp Rank: 396,204 Vote Power: 3. 5. View Profile KyzaLuigiGamer12 FANS 4. View Profile PuffballsUnited. is it just me or flash sounds better then remaster. Adventure - Point 'n Click Level: 10 Exp Points: 971 / 1,110 Exp Rank: 58,792 Vote Power: 5. Escaping the Prison. Mar 31, 2021 · Puffballs has completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and an easier animation process. Blaze through the Madness Universe in this sidescrolling Shoot 'Em Up! Shooter - Run 'n Gun. Breaking the Bank (August 27, 2008 Help Sonic and Co get back home after 15 Years! Breaking into a bank is harder than you would've thought. Henry Stickmin Logic. Game to MadnessDay2012!!! Madness the Hell. 25 votes Level: 4 Exp Points: 118 / 180 Exp Rank: 332,017 Vote Power: 3. Server Preserver. My inital goal was to have the full game done by July but by March I realized that was not gonna happen. 92 votes Infiltrating the Airship. Newgrounds Rumble. Stealing the Diamond. REVIEWS 9. MOVIES 4. Super Mario Bros. com/audio/listen/17824 Sep 17, 2021 · Henry stickmin airship 3d model. REVIEWS 1. Stomp some ass in this high-intensity brawler themed after Newgrounds. This Flash game was released on Newgrounds in Infiltrating the Airship is a point-and-click adventure video game played by Markiplier. FAVES 156. View Profile Poi0Anim FANS 5. 36 votes You unleashed evil from the Demon Crown, which means you gotta fix it ASAP. REVIEWS 5. :D. After being abducted by aliens, Sunnyside must blast his way through endless egg martians! Shooter - Run 'n Gun. io Logic. FAVES 14. Fleeing the Complex. View Profile Endrise FANS 1. Fighting - VS. ART 5. Can’t wait for you to see that soon! Larger lobby sizes so you can play with up to 15 players. In this mode, you will be playing against Henry Stickmin who is a famous Newgrounds character. Adventure - Point 'n Click. Kill all those stinky goth kids. 5 minute long rounds. Survive 40 waves, with the help of turrets! Shooter - Run 'n Gun. Latest Favorite Games. Alien Hominid. Breaking the Bank. Apr 10, 2021 · But fans of the Newgrounds-born classic point-and-click series Henry Stickmin will recognize it more as an homage to the original series that the Airship map was based off of, particularly Infiltrating the Airship and the Vault, which in both games contains a number of Easter eggs to discover. FAVES 23. Collect candies in a haunted forest. The Toppat Clan, a group of international thieves, has been a thorn in their side for sometime. 2. 04 votes Fleeing the Complex. Henry's out of Dec 12, 2018 · Jade is a new filly in Ponyville, and her goal is to find her special talent! Adventure - RPG. Jontheteen. 2+ Players. 17 votes Madness: Incident 10v3 DEMO. Slither. Henry's out of Jul 05, 2019 · Here's a recap for those who don't know. Hop onto Jun 05, 2015 · Hey guys, for those of you who don't know I've been working on a sequel to Infiltrating the Airship. May 27, 2013 · Infiltrating the Airship. He played the role of a bank robber in his first appearance, Breaking the Bank. Jul 14, 2020 · The Airship Themes. Henry's out of prison, but Level: 4 Exp Points: 146 / 180 Exp Rank: 289,033 Vote Power: 3. 21 votes Sports - Casino & Gambling. Ur a rat and u gotta get ur cheese lmao Fleeing the Complex. View Profile bobertus11 FANS 10. 1 minute ago. Welcome to the unofficial henry stickmin subreddit. FAVES 359. com te presentamos el estupendo juego gratis Infiltrating the Airship. 93 votes Newgrounds. Platformer - Puzzle. The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4 part 1. Alternating Game Logic. Aug 21, 2020 · Sonic RPG Episode 10 - The Final Chapter. Informative Jeff talks to Lil Pico Henry's skills are put to use on the Toppat Clan and their airship. 8 ( 1 - 5) Desde macrojuegos. Skill - Collect. Play Game. Debes infiltrarse en la nave de una pandilla criminal que vuela por las nubes o terminarás nuevamente tras las rejas. the Eggies. 26, Female Infiltrating the Airship. NEWS 3. Adventure - Point 'n Click Infiltrating the Airship. His missionto find evidence on the Top Hat Clan and bring them to justice!This game is a Let's The tank which Henry drives in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission is the symbol of Newgrounds company. Joined on 5/27/20. Slip and slide through what remains of Squiggleville! Platformer - Hop and Bop. Level: 3 Exp Points: 80 / 100 Exp Rank: 424,767 Vote Power: 3. REVIEWS 4. The Airship is currently the largest map in Among Us, includes more tasks, and has seventeen new locations. Pico Rising. Strategy - Tower Defense. Infiltrating the Airship has a Comic cartoon style and uses a Point-and-click control scheme. Henry's out of prison, but it doesn't Shooter - Run 'n Gun. ART 1. FAVES 820. Dec 11, 2020 · Among Us is getting a brand new map name the Airship, and while it won't be ready in 2020, all signs point to it releasing early in the new year. Ayuda al popular hombre palo Henry una vez más. November 9, 2021. View Profile BCSProductions FANS 1. SUNDAY! Friday Night Funkin' Logic. You can post your memes. thegamingbro2f. Comedy - Parody. The Airship Arrives - Among Us by PuffballsUnited. I've nearly completed 3 out of the 5 endings. Posted by. Jun 28, 2013 · Infiltrating the Airship is an adventure game, released in 2013 by Puffballs United. Shooter - Run 'n Gun. Level: 3 Exp Points: 63 / 100 Exp Rank: 477,404 Vote Power: 3. Level: 4 Exp Points: 106 / 180 Exp Rank: 352,918 Vote Power: 3. They're sending you in to bring them down. Latest Favorite People Infiltrating the Airship. Level: 3 Exp Points: 72 / 100 Exp Rank: 436,690 Vote Power: 3. NEWS 7. May 10, 2021 · The Airship Hide & Seek map is now available to be played. A Pico-8 platformer inspired by Snail's House. May 29, 2021 · Level: 5 Exp Points: 227 / 280 Exp Rank: 215,800 Vote Power: 4. Stream Infiltrating The Airship - The Henry Stickmin Collection by xd_KoolAidsMusic | Xd Kool Aids Music on desktop and mobile. only halfway done. View Profile ElGreniasXD FANS 5. View Profile Thegamervice FANS 6. Blaze through the Madness Universe in this sidescrolling Shoot 'Em Up! The alien death slug returns to devour prey and become more powerful with each kill. Ur a rat and u gotta get ur cheese lmao. NEWS 4. 31 votes Chainsaw the Children guy's son goes on a rampage!! Fighting - Brawler. View Profile PacDraws FANS 89. -Completing the Mission, a new game, and the final game in the series! (It's planned to be about 3x bigger than FtC) Original- https://www. Jun 03, 2015 · Infiltrating the Airship is a funny sequel to Breaking the Bank and Escaping The Prison puzzle games. Rhythm. Level: 5 Exp Points: 241 / 280 Exp Rank: 205,383 Vote Power: 4. Super Filly Adventure. Level: 38 Exp Points: 15,650 / 16,030 Exp Rank: 1,231 Vote Power: 7. FAVES 20. AUDIO 1. Adventure - Other. REVIEWS 3. It's been about 5 months now and I'm. 27 votes Newgrounds. note: this game will get updated in the future. View Profile coopsw101 FANS 1. NEWS 2. Close. Surviving the Snowstorm. The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4 part 2. 01 votes Adventure - Point 'n Click. Welcome recruits. The sequel to 'Breaking the Bank'. I have released my first and currently only Pico Day Cartoon, and I want you to watch it. All five original games (referred to as the "Legacy" games) are playable in browsers through the sites Newgrounds and Stickpage. newgrounds the airship

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